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Four megatrends that will reshape what software can do for us

New self-driving software will deliver exponential results from current breakthroughs in big data, mobile access, user experience and computer intelligence.

Manufacturing – a ballet choreographed by the flow of making things

Jason Prater, Plex VP of development, shares his perspective on how new technologies such as mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data/analytics will shape the manufacturing industry in the coming years.

Why CIOs must close the gap with service leaders

The value of connected field service to organizations can only be realized if CIOs work more closely with service leaders, writes Mark Homer of ServiceMax

Don’t do the wrong thing better

Sometimes, doing the old thing morphs into doing the wrong thing. That’s the point at which doing the old thing better is bad, says Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

How technology can enable great retail brand experiences

Legacy tech leaves retailers unable to deliver the retail brand experiences shoppers crave. Time to unify systems in the cloud, says NetSuite’s Jim McGeever

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