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Why our field technicians carry a lighter toolbelt

Michael Wilson, COO of ServiceMax customer FTSI, explores how technology has changed the work of field technicians servicing bank ATMs across the Western US

Six ways manufacturers win with Supply Chain Execution

Instead of running each supply chain function separately, bring it all together in a single Supply Chain Execution platform, writes Infor’s Vishal Minocha

How cloud is shaping the UK of tomorrow

As the Cloud World Tour hits London this week, Andrew Lawson, SVP North Europe, Middle East and Africa, Managing Director UKI for Salesforce, offers some thoughts on the impact of the cloud on UK Plc.

The 6 priorities CEOs care most about

Workday’s Dan Beck reads the runes of several studies by leading consulting companies to distil six critical CEO priorities every business must focus on

Four megatrends that will reshape what software can do for us

New self-driving software will deliver exponential results from current breakthroughs in big data, mobile access, user experience and computer intelligence.

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Tibco NOW - the interconnection of everything 

While this is no formal re-structuring of its business, Tibco does seem to to have re-positioned its business to focus on providing users with ways of interconnecting everything, and tools aimed at giving them more usable intelligence out of their data analytics.

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