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VMWorld 2014 – excitingly dull

VMWorld 2014 was all about execution and and attempt to clarify otherwise confusing messages. Did VMAre pull it off? Kind of, but questions remain.

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Did we get duped by Facebook click fraud?

Facebook click fraud has been talked about a LOT. The question is, has Facebook brought it under control? Probably not and here’s some tentative evidence to suggest how bad it really is.


My awesome Facebook promotional failure

Facebook is hailed as the go to advertising platform but promotional failure is all too easy. Here’s how we failed but picked up valuable lessons along the way.

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The Friday Roast: conference season

Conference season can be a soul destroying experience. Near non stop travel, predictable presentations and a lack of reality make for a tough time.

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Intuit’s cloud transformation portends heavy weather ahead

Intuit’s cloud transformation continues, bringing mixed results in its final quarter. It plans to take a full hit on its business model next year as it anticipates an accelerated transition to subscription based services. What does this mean?