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Stop looking under the lamp post

Overwhelming amounts of data can turn into overwhelming misinformation, says Peter Coffee of Salesforce – especially if there’s a confirmation bias in play, where too many of the people asking questions are all expecting (or even hoping for) the same result.

AI in 2017 – learn to love your digital assistant

AI and machine learning will have real impact at work in 2017. Unit4 chief architect Claus Jepsen explains why you’ll learn to love your digital assistant

Service modernizers deliver results to delight CFOs

Customers speak about the business impact of modernizing field service and producing results that will delight CFOs, writes ServiceMax CFO Rick Gustafson

Taming the wild supply chain in our ‘need it now’ world

To meet the demands of ‘need it now’ buyers, enterprises need the control and visibility that supply chain networks give them, writes Infor’s John Bermudez

It’s not as if you weren’t warned!

“We did tell you this would end in tears, with plenty of lead time to think about it and be smart while it could still matter.” Salesforce’s Peter Coffee issues a wake-up call on recent attacks on internet-active devices.

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Bring me a rock - and join the future of jobs debate!

Plenty of readers had spicy comments for Denis Pombriant's future of jobs and automation series. Now he issues a challenge: share your own view on where we go from here. He seeds the challenge with some provocative questions. Now it's up to us to "bring our rocks."

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