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We’re ready for our screen test

Does science fiction predict the future of tech for those of us stuck in the present or is it all on the screen? Peter Coffee is in the director’s chair.

Survival, efficiency, talent – digital disruption in the public sector

As experienced employees retire, government needs a millennial reinvention. Infor’s Dr Kurt Steward maps a path to digital disruption in the public sector

Shifting gears – why business demands more from the CFO

CEOs look to CFOs to help them drive growth, manage compliance, provide insight and support change across the organization, writes Workday’s Mark Nittler

How will enterprise software serve you in the future?

To deliver modern enterprise software ERP vendors are teaming with cloud platforms, writes Ryan Gloeckler, who explains how Unit4 works with Microsoft Azure

Struggling with changing buyer behavior? The key lies in greater internal collaboration.

If marketing isn’t as close to the customer as sales is – and if both teams aren’t close to one another – how can they collaborate effectively? Shannon Duffy, VP of Marketing, Salesforce Pardot, has some practical tips distilled from listening to real-world customers.

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Analytics for the sake of reporting is no longer enough

Traditional web analytics tell a story, but it's a partial story in the rear-view. That doesn't cut it anymore. Personalized experiences and getting a full data view of a customer requires new tools and fresh thinking. Barb Mosher Zinck takes a closer look at the state of marketing analytics, and what it will take to get to "digital intelligence."

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