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Is serverless computing the holy grail for Chief Digital Officers?

The rise of serverless computing brings three benefits to CDOs looking to extend core applications to deliver new capabilities, writes Unit4’s Ton Dobbe

Now is the time to get your skills sharpened for tomorrow’s occupations

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure innovation benefits all of us and not just those who currently work in the tech sector, because all of the UK will benefit from proper training and skills enhancement, says Salesforce’s Gavin Mee.

To get spend under management, make everyone a buyer

Procurement veteran David Hearn believes the key to getting spend under management is to make everyone a buyer. Coupa CMO Tara Ryan outlines his thinking.

We need a grown-up debate on data localisation rules without self-interest on show

The Information Technology Innovation Foundation – backed by Silicon Valley’s finest – recently hit out at the perils of data localisation rules. UKCloud’s Nicky Stewart detects more than a little self-interest on display in its recommendations for change.

Following fractal maps

Nail-clippers, toasters and voyages of fractal dimension – Salesforce’s Peter Coffee has maps and metaphors on his mind.

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Enterprise hits and misses - diginomica on cybersecurity, SAP and Salesforce on tour

In this edition: diginomica does cybersecurity, while AI alarmists meet an optimist. Salesforce has a world tour and SAP had a big show - we've got your breezy roundup. Grappling with workplace diversity is one theme this week; pizza is another. Food-related whiffs abound, with Pizza Hut asking for - and receiving - viral shaming. Finally, can AI ever make better music than the Biebs?

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Nutanix on IBM Power hardware - a gamble by both parties?

The addition of IBM and its range of Power-based servers to the Nutanix partner world  is most intriguing, not least because the top of that range is the mainframe, and they can run up to 8,000 Linux VMs simultaneously. With a target market of big data analytics it could yet make an interesting prospect.

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Will it be an omni-channel GAP or a digital abyss?

Gap managed to impress Wall Street by beating expectations with its latest quarterly numbers, but the harsh reality is that it's being kept buoyant by Old Navy. Meanwhile the retailer is still at "foundational" level when it comes to digital.

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SAPPHIRENow 2017 - indirect access, a topic that refuses to die

Almost every conversation with SAP, its customers and partners had some tinge of indirect access. To its credit, SAP was up front about where it is at. User groups smell opportunity but each has a different approach. Customers are the ones who are left head scratching. We separate the noise from the signal on this discussion.

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