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Identity – the heart of modern marketing

Brand success is based on the strength of relationship they enjoy with consumers, and marketers that put identity at the center of their strategy are building the foundation to deliver exceptional experiences that stand out.

If AI can teach itself soccer, think what it can learn about business

If an AI can teach itself soccer, we should use unsupervised machine learning to get a leg up in business applications too, writes Infor’s Duncan Angove

How IoT helps robots and humans to work together – in the field

IoT data collected from machines is changing the role of field service technicians. ServiceMax’s Joe Kenny explains how robots and humans can work together

Cash is the only non-fiction

“The only profit center is the customer whose check has not bounced.” Salesforce’s Peter Coffee considers the nature of tomorrow’s Quote-To-Cash.

What defines a successful sales strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

It’s vital to make sure your sales strategy is deliberate and developed with your customer at the center of all you do, says Salesforce’s Andrew Lawson.

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