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Break out of procurement silos to get real insight into spend

Spend management expert David Hearn believes enterprises must break out of procurement silos to get real insight. Coupa CMO Tara Ryan presents the case.

Don’t bring your data silos into the ERP cloud

Moving ERP to the cloud might sound like a great idea – but if you’re not careful, you’ll wind up in data silo land. In his diginomica debut, Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill advises readers on how to avoid the ERP cloud silo.

Why cloud sprawl can hurt small businesses, and how to avoid it

Uncontrolled cloud sprawl can hurt small businesses by adding to IT cost and complexity. Deskera’s Ravi Lingarkar explains how to avoid it

How digital transformation drives public sector service delivery

The advent of cloud computing and the demands of millennials are driving digital transformation in public sector service delivery writes Infor’s Wayne Bobby

Cutting through the static around AI

Six months ago, Salesforce’s Peter Coffee asked and made a real effort to answer the question “Why AI now?”. Flash forward to today and the question might be “What AI next?”.

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Enterprise hits and misses - the future of automotive and the downside of multi-cloud

In this edition: the future of automotive - through a filter of clouds past. Plus: the downside of multi-cloud and the need for "data fluency." Data use cases, machine learning audits, and, yep, AI for community managers. Your whiffs include: more airline fiascos and the riveting excitement of the Microsoft-LinkedIn integration. Adam Sandler and Kenny G make their first hits/misses appearances.

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Welcome to Coupa

Cloud-based source-to-pay spend management provider Coupa is the latest enterprise software vendor to step up to became a diginomica premier partner

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