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Minimum viable product considered harmful without architecture

Agile says build a minimum viable product (MVP) and continuously improve it with DevOps. Just don’t neglect architecture, advises New Relic’s Lee Atchison

HackensackUMC ‘FHIR’-ed up mobile to speed patient care

Hackensack University Medical Center saw more patients and improved care with a FHIR-powered mobile app, writes Infor Healthcare’s Steve Fanning

What links NASA, the humble spud, disaster relief and ERP?

Knowing how funds are spent is crucial for non-profits. Unit4’s Ton Dobbe explains how it’s helping an innovative NASA project and enhancing disaster relief

Out of the workhouse

Salesforce’s Peter Coffee has had enough of apocalyptic thinking. It’s time to think about creating partnership between technology to do the routinizable and the algorithmable, and people to do the trans-disciplinary and the relational.

Connecting applications, data and people – a fresh look at EAI

Cloud computing means connecting applications, data and people in real-time to achieve business goals. Workday’s Erin Yang takes a fresh look at EAI

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