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As enterprise technology grows wiser, customer transformation needs a human touch

Enterprise technology grows wiser and smarter, but customer transformation still needs a human touch in field service, writes Patrice Eberline of ServiceMax


How technology and big data are healing healthcare

Could precision medicine be the life-saving technology that improves quality of care? SAP’s Greg McStravick explains how healthcare is poised to overcome big data obstacles. He also shares SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s story – and how McDermott envisions healthcare change.

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3 steps that will enliven a struggling corporate culture

Corporate culture matters at a time of fierce competition for talent. Workday’s CHRO Ashley Goldsmith offers three tips to put your culture back on track


Procurement in the cloud 2016 – four trends to watch

A quick synthesis of learnings from the previous year and some bold assertions about the trends that will effect Chief Procurement Officers in 2016, from Oracle’s Tom Anthony.

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How to create a self-driving ERP strategy the Tesla way

Just as Tesla is bringing us smart, self-driving cars, enterprise application vendors are innovating to apply smart, self-driving ERP to our organizations, writes Unit4’s Ton Dobbe

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